green tea masque
green tea masque

green tea masque

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what it does

  • removes excess oils and impurities
  • nourishes
  • hydrates
  • tones
  • rejuvenates your skin.

how to use

  • mix 1 tsp of cool water in 2 tsp of dry masque in a glass bowl with an all plastic spatula or spoon. 
  • do not use metal
  • mix until a green paste forms
  • use your clean fingers to massage the masque onto your face
  • rinse of after the masque is completely dry
  • pat your face dry with a clean towel

what's in it

  • kaolin clay
  • bentonite clay
  • oatmeal (avena sativa)
  • matcha green tea (camellia sinesis leaf)
  • arrowroot (maranta arundinaceae)
  • chamomile (matricaria chamomilla)
  • aloe vera (aloe barbadensis)
  • blue-green algae (spirulina platensis)
  • silk (hydrolyzed silk)

star ingredients

  • matcha green tea is an amazing anti-inflammatory ingredient.  it helps calm rosacea and acne.  the powdered form is more effective than the liquid form and is a great addition to our masque
  • blue-green algae facilitates fast cell turnover for healthier looking skin.  it eliminates toxins from the skin to increase skin metabolism and it helps prevent candida overgrowth which can cause acne breakouts

hey beautiful,

our products are formulated with all women of color in mind.  we want you to know that no matter what the world says beauty is, you are beautiful and your skin is only the beginning of that beauty.  we want you to understand that skin care is a wholistic process.  taking care of your skin means taking care of your health through exercise, eating right, drinking plenty of water, eliminating stress from your daily life, and changing your mind about how you feel about you.  it is a consistent process that is life changing.  we want you to know that we care about your health as a whole and in doing that we will strive to give you the best skin care experience possible and continue to encourage you in this daily lifestyle regimen.  we adore the skin you're in and we want you to do the same.