esso brand

hey beautiful,

my story is simple. i struggled with problem skin like many of you.  my skin secreted excess oil in some places and it was overly dry in others.  the short-term problem...  i needed balance, hydration, and anti-aging skin care that worked and i could not find reliable products on the market that worked for me.  the long-term problem...  the cosmetic industry does not focus on the skin care needs of ALL women of color. 

many products today strip our skin and leave it dry and inflamed due to harsh chemicals.  every skin type has unique properties and needs hydration for effective barrier (skin) repair. 

i founded esso (pronounced E-SO) skin care to help “fill the gap” in the industry.  filling the gap essentially means adding something to make it complete.  the cosmetic industry is not complete if it does not focus on the needs of women of color (African-American, Hispanic, Asian, Native American, African, Indian, etc). 

i want to give you hydrated, healthy, glowing skin that ages graciously and effortlessly.  i developed skin care products that hydrate the many skin tones we carry.  I believe skin care should be essential, effective, and effortless.  I hope you enjoy the esso brand as much as I enjoyed developing it for all of us.

Love the Skin you’re in,