Healthy Skin Lifestyle: H2O

Water is so essential that your body is made of roughly 55% of it (which is different than men and children).  That is a lot of water.  Water intake keeps you hydrated, as opposed to dehydrated.  One of the first places water vacates is the skin and hair to keep other bodily processes functioning.  Our bodies need water so that cell functions like healing and skin elasticity, can occur.  The skin alone is made of roughly 64% (so... 64% of that 55% is in your skin !!!) of water when it is healthy (when you are drinking the proper amount).  I have read many things about how much water to drink, such as 2 liters a day, half of your body weight in ounces, and so on.  Drinking that much water seems impossible, which is why God made veggies and fruits.  Eating a balanced fruit and vegetable diet along with water intake will keep the body hydrated.  Fruits and vegetables carry vitamins, amino acids, fiber, and other vital nutrients necessary for healthy skin (and hair).  What we put on the outside is just as important as what we put on the inside.
Love the skin you're in,
The esso skin care team

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